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Principales caractéristiques
1. Windows CE.NET 5.0
2.ISaGRAF Ver.3 SoftLogic embarqué
3.Supporte la norme IEC 61131-3
4.Intégre un IHM We
5.Processeur PXA270 (32-bit & 520 MHz)
6.128 Mo SDRAM et 96 Mo Flash
7.3.5""/5.7""/10.4"" TFT LCD (5.7""/10.4""avec dalle tactile)
8.3 slots d'extension d'E/S (supporte les modules High Profile)
9.1 port Ethernet 10/100M en standard
10.12 Ports série (RS-232, RS-485)
11.Conforme au standard IP65 (façade)"


VP-4131 Stetard ViewPAC avec 10.4 LCD et 3 E/S slot

IWS-2201-CE7 InduSoft based PAC avec 7" LCD (WinCE7 OS)

ICP DAS VP-2201-CE7 WinCE7.0 based ViewPAC avec 7'' LCD et 720MHz Cortex-A8 processor


I/O capacity Three module slots (For High Profi le I-8K and I-87K Modules Only)
OS Windows CE 5.0
Embedded Service FTP server; Web server (supports VB script; JAVA script); Embedded SQL server
SDK Provided Dll for Evc; Dll for Visual Studio.Net 2005/2008
Web HMI PC running Internet Explorer can monitor/control PAC via Internet/modem
CPU PXA270 or compatible (32-bit and 520 MHz)
Communication Interface Ethernet;USB;RS-485 & RS-232
LCD Display 3.5 TFT (Resolution 320 x 240);5.7 TFT (Resolution 640 x 480)
Touch Panel Only ViewPAC-25W7
Rubber Keypad 24 keys for VP23W7; 6 Keys for VP25W7
Audio Microphone-In and Earphone-Out
LED Indicators 3 Dual-Color LEDs (PWR; RUN; LAN1; L1; L2; L3; L1 ~ L3 for User Programmable)
Power Input Range +10 ~ +30 VDC
Power Consumption 7.2 W (0.3 A @ 24 VDC)
Ingress Protection Front panel: IP65
Dimensions (W x L x H) 182 mm x 158 mm x 125 mm
Installation Panel Mounting
Operating Temperature -20 ~ +70 °C
Storage Temperature -30 ~ +80 °C
Ambient Relative Humidity 10 ~ 90% RH (non-condensing)
 Analog I/O modules Inputs Outputs ProductCode Bus Type
I-87005W 8-ch thermistor 8 DO 96113128 Serial
I-87013W 4-ch RTD   96113129 Serial
I-87016W 2-ch isolated strain guage   96113132 Serial
I-87017W 8-ch analog   96113133 Serial
I-87018W 8-ch thermocouple   96113141 Serial
I-87024W   4 AO 96113142 Serial
I-87026PW 6 AI; 2 DI 2 AO; 2 DO 96113145 Serial
I-8037W 8/16-ch   96113173 Parallel
I-8017DW 8-ch (V & I) (D-connector)   96113174 Parallel
I-8017HCW 8-ch (V & I) (Terminal block connector)   96113175 Parallel
I-8024W   4 DO 96113176 Parallel
 Digital I/O modules Inputs Outputs ProductCode Bus Type
I-87037W   16 source type isolated DO 96113146 Serial
I-87040W 32-ch DI   96113147 Serial
I-87041W   32 sink type open collector isolated DO 96113148 Serial
I-87042W 16-ch isolated DI 16-ch isolated DO 96113149 Serial
I-87051W 16-ch non-isolated DI   96113151 Serial
I-87052W 8-chisolated   96113152 Serial
I-87053W 16-ch 68-150 VDC isolated DI   96113153 Serial
I-87054W 8-ch isolated DI 8-ch isolated DO 96113156 Serial
I-87055W 8-ch non-isolated DI 8-ch non-isolated DO 96113157 Serial
I-87057W   16 open collector isolated DO 96113158 Serial
I-87058W 8-ch 80-250 VAC isolated DI   96113159 Serial
I-87059W 8-ch 10-80 VAC isolated DI   96113160 Serial
I-87061W   16-ch relay output 96113161 Serial
I-87063W 4-ch isolated DI 4-ch relay output 96113162 Serial
I-87064W   8-ch relay output 96113163 Serial
I-87069W   8-ch Photo-Mos relay output 96113164 Serial
I-87084W 4/8-ch counter/freq/encoder   96113166 Serial
I-87088W 8-ch counter input 8-Pulse Width Modulation output 96113167 Serial
I-87089W 1-ch vibrating wire input   96113168 Serial
I-8037W   16 source type isolated DO 96113177 Parallel
I-8040W 32-ch DI (wet contact)   96113178 Parallel
I-8041W   32-ch sink DO (D-connector) 96113180 Parallel
I-8042W 16-ch 16-ch (D-connector) 96113182 Parallel
I-8046W 16-ch source type (dry contact)   96113183 Parallel
I-8050W 16-ch DI or 16 DO sink type (wet contact) 16-ch DI or 16 DO sink type (wet contact) 96113185 Parallel
I-8051W 16-ch source type non isolated DI   96113186 Parallel
I-8052W 8-ch isolated DI   96113187 Parallel
I-8053W 16-ch isolated DI   96113188 Parallel
I-8054W 16-ch isolated DI 16-ch isolated DO 96113190 Parallel
I-8058W 8-ch (80-250 Vac) isolated DI   96113191 Parallel
I-8060W   6-ch relay output 96113192 Parallel
I-8063W 4-ch isolated DI 4-ch relay output 96113193 Parallel
I-8064W   8-ch power relayoutput 96113194 Parallel
I-8068W   4-ch form A & 4-ch form C relay ouptut 96113195 Parallel
I-8069W   8-ch Photo-Mos relay output 96113196 Parallel
I-8084W 4/8-ch counter/freq/encoder   96113197 Parallel
I-8088W   8-Pulse Width Modulation output 96113198 Parallel